Enjoy and access, while protecting the natural surroundings with a walk or dune cross-over from Dockside Builders.

Beach Access:

Stairs down to the beach from the seawall above. Includes one landing. Cross-bracing increases strength.


Complete Package:

This complete access package includes stairs to a second story loft. The landing leads to a 4′ wide and 80+ foot long walk which becomes a dune crossover. At the end of the crossover, stairs allow access directly from the home to the beach. No shoes required!


Contraction features include 4×4 post pilings with a 2×6 handrail and a 2×6 cap. All material is pressure treated and assembled with stainless steel and galvanized hardware for long-lasting usefulness and beauty.

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 2flwalk6 2flwalk5


This photo provides an example of a bench seating area and observation or relaxation area along a walk or dune crossover.


Sea Oaks:

This is the dune crossover and beach access walk for the Sea Oaks Condominiums. It features a 6′ wide walkway with two 2′ x 10′ seating and socializing areas along the way.

seaoaks4 seaoaks3 seaoaks2 seaoaks1

South Vero:

This private beach access and dune crossover is 4′ wide and over 100′ in length. It features stairs on both ends, a security gate, and a 10′ x 12′ party deck along the way. This dual purpose walk will allow for many outside sand-free beach barbecues.

svero5 svero4 svero3 svero2 svero1