Protect your water’s edge from erosion and create a neat, clean water’s edge with a seawall from Dockside Builders.

Seawall: This is a residential seawall on the Sebastian River which features a double 4×6 whaler (support), a wooden 2×12 cap, tie-backs each 6 feet with over 20 2’x2’x2′ solid concrete dead man (anchors). The wall material is vinyl ShoreGuard 225 12′ corrugated panels. This allows the support of a 6′ in-ground depth with a 6′ above-ground reveal.


This photo depicts the same seawall seen above. Take note of the transit straight cap. Even though this cap is the more economical wood option, the frequent tiebacks and steadfast dead man (anchor) keep this wall straight, true and beautiful.


Seawall: This seawall was built in conjunction with a residential construction project. It’s 12″x18″ monolithic concrete cap, monolithic dead man anchor, frequent (every 5′) PVC encased 3/4″ stainless rod tiebacks, and  ShoreGuard 425 12′ panels make this wall worthy of commercial application. 


This picture features the same residential (commercial grade) seawall depicted above. Take note of the continuously poured (monolithic) cornet which adds both beauty and strength to this lifetime seawall.


Wooden Seawall:

This curved pressure treated wooden seawall is near completion. It will be back-filled and landscaped to it’s edge. This wall is on a fresh water lake and not subject to large and frequent tidal changes.



This wooden seawall on the Sebastian River is pictured on the left prior to back-fill. You can easily see the exposed tie backs. The frequent (each 6′) tie-backs and double 2×8 whaler help this wall maintain it’s beautiful shape and strength for many years.