Our decks are a wonderful and long-lasting way to enjoy your oasis.


Deck: This 10’x16′ covered deck situated over the Indian River Lagoon features a built in bench spanning the north and west sides. One of the best and most useful innovations of this deck is it’s 3 very wide step access to the water. You can board your boat, personal water craft or just hang your feet in the water…


This better view shows the useful nature of this deck and clearly depicts the area for entertaining, fishing, and access to the water for you or your vessel. In this photograph it is easy to see the detail and craftsmanship that goes in to every Dockside Builders project.


Deck:  This is a 12′ x 14′ deck overlooking a dock and canal and bordered by stairs leading to the dock which includes a boat lift. This deck features a mid rail and chamfered piling tops. This picture is, of course, during construction, but near completion.


Free-Standing Deck:

This is a 14′ x 20′ free standing deck over-looking the Atlantic. It features a a U-shaped bench. Uniquely, the sea side seating does not have a seat back, so that the view to the ocean is unimpeded.


Free-Standing Deck:

This is a simple back yard recreation area deck featuring a built-in-place 90 degree bench.


Patio Deck:

This patio deck adds usable space and beauty outside this home’s master bedroom. This deck features a unique shape which fits the property and compliments the landscaping.


Free-Standing Deck:

This is a 12′ x 16′ free-standing deck on the Atlantic coast. An aluminum awning has been placed ove the deck for maximum enjoyment and protection from the sun. This deck is part of a total package which includes a walk and stairs to the beach.



This is a unique octagonal shaped bench and deck around a tree in a backyard. One side of the octagonal bench was left open for access to the (owner built) tree house.


Observation Tower:

This is a 4-flight observation tower. Each flight has a ‘stop and rest’ area. In order to insure maximum visibility while maintaining safety, a mesh was used between railing stiles.


Party Deck:

This large party deck doubles as a dune crossover. It features a storage bench and bench seating around it’s perimeter. The pilings are capped and the railing is of 1-5/8″ umanilla rope.


party3 party2 party1