Our namesake! Enjoy, access, and protect your water-front investment with a quality custom dock from Dockside Builders.


This work of art is shaped as reverse small letter ‘h’. It features a 4′ wide walk to deeper water where one can ingress or egress their vessel in the boat slip (which includes a lift) or enjoy the sun and the water on the built-in 90 degree bench. On the way to the boat or bench, there is a step to allow swim access to the more shallow water, or simply allow one to dangle their feet in the cool water. This family enjoyment area features: splined pilings, plastic piling caps, umanilla rope railings, hand-made copper rope railing tie-downs, and decorative as well as protective edge banding all the way around the decking.

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Sunset Pier:

This beautiful pier is located at the Island Club. It features vinyl wrapped and splined pilings and plastic cone piling caps. It also features a locked swinging gate and a 16′ wide bench to enjoy the water. It also has a topped mid-rail. Decking, seating, caps, and railings are all Evergrain composite material, which does not warp crack or splinter and are fastened with 3″ stainless steel screws. Out of the photo to the left is a walkway to the pier.


Simple Dock:

This simple dock was chosen for inclusion to demonstrate our attention to detail for even the simplest project. Note how the decking is cut tight around the piling. Also take note of the extra 45 degree angle space at the top of the ‘T’ which helps prevent mis-step. Specifications include 2×6 pressure treated decking fastened with stainless steel screws to 2×8 framing to create a 4′ wide walkway terminating into a 10′ x 16′ platform deck.

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Public Access:

This small municipal public access pier features long-lasting heavy pilings which are chamfered to meet the 2×8 top rail. It also features a mid rail and two sign houses. 

Later, it was unfortunately hit by a car. Below are pictures of the damaged and then repaired section.

100_0053 100_0059 100_0060

Observation Deck:

This 10′ x 12′ dock serves as an entertaining and observation deck.


Sebastian River Bluff:

This compete package on the Sebastian River allows it’s owners and their guests access from the home directly to the water beyond a steep bluff which would have previously been inaccessible.

The stairs and 10′ x 12′ deck landing feature decorative spindles.

Another set of stairs continues down to a 4′ wide and 120′ long dock. 

The dock features an 8′ x 20′ L-shaped terminal with a boathouse-style (no roof) lift which was built to accommodate a 32′ Contender fishing boat.

bluff1 bluff2 bluff3 bluff4

Copper Top”:

This creative 4′ wide dock is built upon 8″ x 8″ piling which are topped with copper. The copper not only provides an interesting patina, but also keeps the elements out of the wood’s end-grain which keeps the piling sturdy and looking beautiful for many years. The pilings are also ‘splined’ with 1″ x 2″ lathing strips for a beautiful detail. (Splining or lathing was originally employed to prevent boats rubbing pilings, but has become a decorative element.)

This dock also features a 1-5/8″ umanilla rope railing and a second rope mid-railing. The rounded, rather than square, corner is a unique detail.

This walk terminates to a dock which features a boat lift.

coptop1 coptop2

Sebastian River:

This disabled accessible and wheel chair friendly dock on the Sebastian river begins with a wide, gently sloped ‘Delta’ to meet the approach without a step. It features copper-topped and splined pilings.

There is a 1″ x 4″ wheel chair guard rail along the bottom and a 1-5/8″ umanilla rope railing.

The wide and beautiful naturally canopied walkway terminates to a 12′ x 30′ dock which is open ended for boat access.

sebriv1 sebriv2

Vero Beach:

This dock, located in Vero Beach, features copper-topped pilings with lathing strips.

It has an ‘S’ curve built into it for interest and has a built-in storage bench at it’s end.

vbdock1 vbdock2 vbdock3 vbdock4